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Komodo island tours is tour information about Komodo island at Komodo national park in Indonesia.

Komodo is the island of Komodo Dragons Indonesia located between Flores Island in the east, Sumbawa Island in the west, Sawu seas in the south and Flores seas in the north. Komodo Island is biggest Island in Komodo national park where Komodo Dragons are living and survival until today that the reason why called Komodo Dragons island. Komodo Island mostly covering by monsoon forest and savanna with rocky typical land. It makes Komodo Island is hot temperature hole the year with short rainy season come on December to March.

Komodo Island is well-known by Komodo Dragons the biggest reptile rested from Dinosaurs with length ca be 3 meters and height to 80 kilo grams for one big Komodo Dragon. Komodo Dragons are spread out all part of Komodo Island when they are living in natural habitats. Their prey is Buffaloes, Deer, wild pig and some kind of birds are living together on Komodo Island as their daily food. Hunting is main activities of Komodo Dragons to get wild animals for their food to survive their self. As cannibals Komodo Dragons also attack each other for their food in their habitats, it makes difficult to find their skull after dead on the Island.

Learn more about Komodo Dragons and wild animals with your tours to Komodo Island Indonesia. Enjoy Komodo tours with west Flores tour operator and travel agent to see and learn much more about Komodo Dragons in Komodo national park. Komodo Island is recommended place to do special tour or adventure for trekking, hiking, bird watching, study and research.
To get Komodo Island is only with boat trip from Labuan Bajo town west Flores Island Indonesia with our daily tours with tour packages started from Bali or directly from Labuan Bajo town where our head office located used as daily tourist information service for all kind of your plan travel to Komodo and Flores Island Indonesia.

Let you to get information for Komodo Island tours is serving by local tour operator from Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. To get Komodo Island at Komodo national park is served by private boat trip or speed boat from Labuan Bajo town west part of Flores Island. There is not public boat is serving for visitor to keep clean, touristic impact and conservation control system. It is for making contribution to local peoples since they changed their job as fishermen to arrange boat accommodation for daily work.
Komodo mega tours Indonesia serving all activities for the various islands in the Komodo National Park can only be served by wooden boat that have been modified as tourist transport ranging from daily trips or stay on board with standard facilities and safety equipment to meet excellent service to every guest who uses our tour package.

To serve daily tours, we use the deck boat with standard facilities and safety equipment but do not use the cabin or room because they do not stay on board.
For guests staying on board, we use a cabin with fan or use air conditioning (AC), it depend on your prefer to choose.
Generally ship cabin that use fans, the size, the smaller the number of 3- room where a maximum passenger capacity of 6 people or 2 people sharing a cabin.

The size of the cabin boat with fan: average length reaches 16-19 meters, width of 3-4 meters, which size depends on the number of cabins available.
The size of the cabin boat with air conditioning/AC: length 20-24 meters and a width of 4-6 meters, where the number of 4-6 rooms with a maximum passenger capacity of 12 people or 2 people per cabin.