Giant lizards living at Komodo national park and Flores Island in Indonesia. Komodo Dragon Indonesia is rested of Dinosaurs which are spread at the Island of Komodo, Padar, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang and some part of Flores Island. More than 4000 thousand Dragons with very low grow up by local situation and condition especially at Flores Island.

Komodo Dragon Indonesia
Komodo Dragons Indonesia living at Komodo national park and Flores Island in Indonesia.

Some part of Flores Island unprotected seriously due to the status of biosphere nature handling system making them living and low grow up caused of food supplier. Except at Komodo national park which are under Indonesia’s minister of forestry control and protecting around the area including marine life. Komodo Dragons are giant lizards/Varanus Komodoensis or by local people called ORA, who still live in Komodo national park in Indonesia it is living in their natural habitat. More than 2,500 Komodo Dragon who lives in the Komodo national park is spread on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang Wu’ul Wae on the island of Flores. Komodo Dragon live and survive in the Komodo national park since millions of years ago in a tropical climate with hot weather. Komodo Dragon spread in various parts of the islands mentioned above as the largest predator in the area. To get food, Komodo Dragons hunt in the neighborhood surrounding territory. The main prey of the Komodo Dragon is wild animals that live together in the region are: buffalo, horses, deer, wild pigs, monkeys and several species of birds or fellow Komodo Dragons. Komodo Dragons are cannibals who are active animals that rely their power to kill each other. In addition to meat as a main meal, Komodo Dragons are animals of prey Komodo Dragons reproduce by laying eggs that usually occurs in August and September each year after the wedding in June and July. Egg hatching process takes 8-9 months and hatch in April. Scores 15-30 female can produce eggs that are stored in the soil to a depth of 1-2 meters. After hatching baby Komodo will come out of the nest and live directly on the trees until the age of 3 years where they can hunt alone. Over the life of the tree baby dragons feed themselves by hunting small animals that live on the local trees such as geckos, lizards, grasshoppers, birds and some insects. To get more information about Komodo Dragons and other wild animals, we as a tour operator and a local travel company will serve all your requests to explore the Komodo national park with various types of tourism activities that we serve such as: photo, film, trekking or hiking several islands in the region in order to be able to see firsthand the activities of Komodo Dragons and other wildlife.